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Welcome to the world of Philthy Motorsport.

Phil Sutherland (aka Philthy Sutherland) is our god like leader. We worship the ground that he walks on :)

The Cars Of Philthy 

Philthy Motorsport started back in 2012 with a Nissan Cefiro. This was running a 2ZGTE. The Cefiro was an awesome car and a great way to get into drifting. After the Cefiro was rolled and hit the wall it was a write off and sadly sent to the drift car graveyard.

Then along came the Laurel. This was running a 25 DET. The Laurel was unbelievevably reliable and took everything that Philthy threw at it, and it just kept coming back for more. The Laurel was sold in 2016.

In 2013 Philthy bought the skyline and nicknamed this car "the Mothership" The Skyline has been under engine development during 2016 and is now set up perfectly. This car is a weapon. 

The latest addition to the fleet is the Silvia or "Battleship". This car was bought from Gaz Whiter in 2016. Gaz built the car and it's running an LS7 V8 Chev with around 400hp at the wheels, running through a gforce box and then to a Winters rear end. The Silvia is set to take on all comers in D1NZ in 2016.


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